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Housing benefit payment amendment form
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  1. You should complete this form if:

    - You are a landlord and wish to change the bank account details that we make housing benefit payments to;
    - You are a landlord and wish to change the way we pay you housing benefit from cheque to BACS.
    - Your tenant is in arrears and you wish to receive payments direct.
  2. The information you supply will only be used to process your request. Information will be passed to third parties where they are providing a service on behalf of Bolton Council or if we are required to do so by law. Find out more privacy notice.
  3. * Are you a Registered Social Landlord or a Private Landlord?
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  5. Claim details (Please enter the details of one of your tenants who is claiming Housing Benefit)
  6. * Please advise the reason why you are completing this form?
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