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Anti social behaviour case review
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  1. Part 6 (and schedule 4) of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 requires relevant bodies in a local government area to have an Anti-social Behaviour Case Review procedure. Bolton Council, specifically Community Safety Services, will be responsible for coordinating and administrating the case review procedure. Further details on the Anti-social Behaviour Case Review procedure is available on the Bolton Council website
  2. In order for the case review procedure to be effective and meaningful Bolton Council may have to share relevant information with other agencies. Through co-option arrangements provided under the legislation these agencies will form part of the ASB Case Review procedure. In the main these agencies will include Greater Manchester Police, Registered Housing Providers, Youth Offending Team, and the Clinical Commissioning Group. The purpose of sharing information with these trusted partners is to ensure that the case review is carried out as effectively as possible and bring about a resolution to your case. These agencies may be requested to provide information that will help the case review process. Any information shared will be held securely and not shared beyond this purpose.
  3. By completing this form you acknowledge that the information you provide may be shared with trusted partner agencies explained above.
  4. Please note mandatory fields are highlighted with an * and without this information the case review process will be limited in what it can achieve, and therefore may not proceed further.
  5. In carrying out the case review, agencies will consider; the persistent nature of the anti-social behaviour, the harm or potential harm caused, and the adequacy of the response from agencies. You may be contacted directly to provide further information.
  6. At the end of the reporting process you will be provided with a unique reference number, make a note of the number and keep it at hand. You may need this for future reference. If something goes wrong we will be able to track your report using this reference number.
  7. By completing this form you acknowledge that information may be requested from trusted partner agencies and the information you provide may be shared with these trusted partner agencies explained above.
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