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Application for student discount
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  1. For information on eligibility, please see council tax discounts and exemptions.

    You will need your council tax reference number to complete this form. We may contact you to provide proof to support your application, this can be done at any of our Access Points or by sending the original documents to our office.

    All fields marked * are mandatory. All other fields are optional. Information you provide will be used to verify your application for discount. Providing optional information such as telephone number, will assist the council in verifying the details you provide and speed up the discount application process.

    On completion of your request you will be sent a receipt to the email address you provide.
  2. Details of the person responsible for paying the Council Tax
  3. The information you supply will only be used to process your request. Information will be passed to third parties where they are providing a service on behalf of Bolton Council or if we are required to do so by law. Find out more privacy notice.
  4. Household details:
  5. If Yes, please provide written confirmation from the Royal College of Nursing
  6. Please provide a copy of the person's passport which shows their Visa
  7. Please provide proof of registration with the Central Bureau for Education Visits and Exchanges and a letter from the school or educational institution to confirm their employment
  8. Please provide the following information for each of the students that live in the household:
  9. To award the discount to your address we need a student certificate for each of these students, except if they attend Bolton University. If the student attends Bolton University, you must provide their student registration number.
  10. If Yes, we will automatically send your future bills to the email address that you have provided at the beginning of this form.
  11. Declaration
  12. If you would like to send us supporting evidence, please email it to CTaxTenancies@bolton.gov.uk.
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