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Discretionary council tax reduction scheme application
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  1. Discretionary reductions to council tax can be made if you can show you need extra help with your council tax due to you being affected by the changes made to council tax discounts and exemptions for unoccupied properties introduced from April 2013.
  2. To qualify for a discretionary council tax reduction
    - you must be the person responsible for the council tax and
    - we must be satisfied that you need financial help.
  3. We will look at your application and decide
    - If you should receive help towards your council tax and
    - how much help you will receive and
    - how long the help will be given (this support is not intended to be given for long term or indefinite periods).
  4. You may be asked to provide evidence in support of your application and we will phone or write to you about this.

    If you disagree with a decision we have made about your discretionary council tax reduction, you can ask us to look at it again. You can also appeal to a tribunal about a discretionary council tax reduction decision.

    Please note, you will need the council tax reference number to complete the application form, this can be found on the bill.

    All fields marked * are mandatory. All other fields are optional. Information you provide will be used to verify your application. Providing optional information such as telephone number, will assist the council in verifying the details you provide and speed up the application process.

    On completion of the application you will be sent a receipt to the email address you provide.
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  6. Your details
  7. The information you supply will only be used to process your request. Information will be passed to third parties where they are providing a service on behalf of Bolton Council or if we are required to do so by law. Find out more privacy notice.
  8. Address of the property you wish to claim the relief for.
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