Assisted Collection

Request for an assisted collection
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  1. Complete this form to request that your bins are collected within the boundary of your property and returned once they have been emptied.
  2. This service is available to people who are not able to put the bins out for collection themselves.

    An assisted collection can be arranged when either;

    - you have mobility problems

    - you have health problems

    - you are over 72 years old

    - and there is no other resident aged over 16 who can put the bins out.
  3. Further information about this service is available on the web page.
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  8. Please provide your contact details as we may need to contact you if we need more information. The information you supply will only be used to process your request. Information will be passed to third parties where they are providing the service on behalf of Bolton Council or if we are required to do so by law. Find out more privacy notice.
  9. Important information

    New guidance has been issued to protect the most vulnerable people against COVID19. We and our partners are responsible employers, and as a result we have temporarily suspended visits to assess assisted collections.

    Your request will be automatically approved at this time and a visit will be carried out in the future if required to assess your need for this service.

    The welfare of our staff alongside the welfare and needs of our residents are uppermost in our minds and we thank you for your patience during this difficult time for everybody.

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